Commission artwork

Fill those empty walls with sparks of creativity

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right painting or artwork to fit in a certain space. I know, I have the same problem in my own house sometimes. Finding something that fits both the colour scheme or the room and that sits well with the available space isn’t easy. That’s why I’m open to take commissions and create truly unique artwork in cooperation with you. 

For the home

Midnight bloom - example of framing

Having works of art in your home not only adds colour and design to your walls, it can also add inspiration and fuel your own creativity. By commissioning an original piece from Studio Sara Em you will get a unique artwork that will lift both the atmosphere and the decor of your favorite rooms. 

For the office and corporate assignments

Sienna Bloom - Example on framing

After the pandemic many offices will play a different role than before. They are no longer only a place of work. Many of us have have found new options for working: from home, at the office or on the road. Still, we do like to meet our colleagues in real life, and that’s where the traditional office becomes an important meeting spot. Let’s make sure that it is a place where you actually want to be. 

By commissioning original art for your offices you add to the creative atmosphere of the space and can also help bring different rooms or even different locations closer together by a unified art and design language. Naturally the artwork can be made to reflect your corporate design as well, making the art an integrated part of your company’s soul. 

How it works...

1 We will start with a conversation.

When you have decided that you want something truly unique on your walls, you get in touch with me. Over the phone or via email we will discuss what you are looking for, your ideas on motifs, formats etc. If you have a specific room or wall in mind, we will take a closer look at that as well.

2 A transparent offer before we start. 

This should be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, so we will keep all things transparent. Before we start any work you will get an offer from me on the cost of the artwork. Since the artwork is created specifically for you, this offer will be binding once you have accepted it.

3 The creative process begins.

When you commission an artwork it will probably stay with you for a long time and hopefully you will both love it and find that it lifts the space it is in. In order to get a good fit, I will take onboard your thoughts and ideas for the creative process.

You are, of course, free to decide on things like the size of the painting, how you want it framed etc. You are also able to influence motifs and colour scheme to some degree. 

However, an artwork is just that and the creativity and creative choices will stay my own throughout the process. It will be a near and special cooperation that will involve quite a bit of trust on both parties. But if you like what I have done before, I don’t think you will be disappointed.  

4 The big reveal

When your painting is finished I will send you a few photos of it. Truth be told, I have probably done that throughout the creative process as well to keep you in the loop. If everything seems all right we will just decide on if you want me to frame it for you before I send it, or if you will do that yourself.

5 Shipping it

The final artwork is then shipped to you in a traceable package via a delivery service. In most cases, it will be sent as payment on delivery for the convenience of both parties.

6 Coming home

Finally, the very best part. Your commissioned artwork is placed in the space it has been created for, and it will hopefully bring joy for a very long time.

Let's get started...

Fill in a few words on what you are looking for, as well as your contact details, in the form and I will get right back to you. You can also attach pictures of the room or pictures for inspiration as well if you like to. If you don’t like filling out forms, you can, of course, also email me at