Series: Nectar

Nectar # 2 - original art in alcohol ink and marker on paper, by Sara M. Pettersson

Original artwork in alcohol ink available for sale

’Nectar’ is a series of original artwork in mixed media – alcohol ink and marker on paper – by Swedish artist Sara M. Petterson at Studio Sara Em. 

The first painting in the series (’Nectar #7’) was created when Sara did a live demonstration of alcohol ink painting at her exhibition at Galleri Hind in Stockholm in february 2022.  The series is a spinoff from Sara’s ’Papilio’ series. 

All artwork on this page is available for sale. Click on artwork for more details. 

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Even Better together

These paintings are great on their own, but they work even better when joined by their siblings. Here’s a tip on companion paintings, but you can of course combine any paintings you like in the series. 

Buy three for 3.200 kr (reg. price 3.600 kr)

When you buy three paintings in the series, you will get a package price for the three. 

Suggested Companion pieces