Series: Papilio

Original artwork in alcohol ink available for sale

’Papilio’ is a series of artworks by Swedish artist Sara M. Pettersson in Mixed media – markers and alcohol ink – on canvas and on paper.  

All artwork on this page is available for sale. Click on artwork for more details. 

About the series 'Papilio'

’Papilio’ is an on-going series with new pieces being added as soon as they are ready. 

This series of paintings is inspired by butterflies in flight, hence the title ’Papilio’ from Papilionidae, the latin name for a large family of butterflies.  

’Papilio’ is Sara M. Pettersson’s first series with alcohol ink and marker on canvas and in larger formats, but the series also contains artwork with alcohol ink on paper. 

The series of artwork was first displayed publicly at Sara M. Pettersson’s solo exhibition at Galleri Hind in Stockholm, Sweden, in February 2022.