Series: You can’t see the wood for the trees

Original artwork available for sale

You can't see the woods for the trees...or can you...

Welcome to my new series of paintings. The inspiration for this series comes from a feeling that the world is in a dark place right now but that there is always beauty underneath. You just have to look hard enough. 

I’m always inspired by nature. It just came to me to focus on trees and all the green nuances that exists in nature for this series in acrylics and alcohol ink on paper.

So we got the very top of the trees, the treelines and the canopys, that are more ethereal and fluent. When we go behind and underneath the canopy it’s a bit darker. The sun can’t penetrate as much, but there’s still light, magic and beauty there. Then, on the forest floor, you got the grasses striving upwards and growing ever stronger.

This is my exploration of what is hidden beneath. I welcome you to view the enitre series and hopefully you will enjoy it.

Love /Sara